$1 per pay period provides:

  • 26 preemie sized diapers for newborns.
  • Leashes & collars for training companion & assistance dogs
  • Physical therapy session for a child with cerebral palsy
  • Student bus or train passes
  • The cost of books for two classes in the Philippines
  • Lifesaving medications for 50 new mothers in Bangladesh

$2 per pay period provides:

  • 25 cups of milk for hungry children
  • One blood test for Leukemia
  • Diabetes medication to treat 15 patients
  • A nesting box for a pair of American kestrels.

$3 per pay period provides:

  • Covers the cost of 4 co-pays for a cancer patient.
  • Purchases a walker for an individual with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Creates 15 new water quality monitoring sites on CT rivers & streams

$5 per pay period provides:

  • Mammograms for uninsured women
  • Provides an education for a child in Mexico
  • Provides baby formula for premature infants

7 cents a day comes to 49 cents a week, or about $26 annually - just $1 per pay period.

10 Reasons to Give:

You can say “I GAVE AT THE OFFICE” with pride and know that you have done something to help make things a little better for the people in our community and around the world.

Your work and life have new meaning. Every minute of your work and every dollar of your pay help someone in need.

 Payroll deduction is an extended, time release formula for philanthropic action.

You can see the results every day in the community through co-workers and in the news.

You can make a difference. A little money each month can go a long way.

 You choose the charities and causes and your donation only goes to the agencies you choose.

It’s guaranteed. All of the agencies are screened for accountability.

It offers easy, one-stop shopping and is conveniently available in the workplace.

The CSEC is like a department store for charities. Virtually every cause is represented.

The CSEC is your campaign!  Created for State Employees, overseen by State Employees!